Saltwater Aquatics

Sunny Skye’s Surf Skills Program

Due to high demand from our clients, we were asked if there were any alternate programs their children could do in the summer months. We listened, and along came our ‘Open water’ and ‘swimFIT’ programs. Both these programs have been successful and have given children more confidence and endurance swimming in Aquatic environments outside a swimming pool.

Open Water Program | Term 1 & 4 of QLD State school terms

Openwater runs for 8 weeks in term 4. It is a progression designed program, giving children the necessary time to achieve their goals of swimming with confidence in the ocean and creek type aquatic environments.

They complete 2weeks in a swim enclosure to give them the feel of swimming in the open water, with the safety of the enclosure nets. From there, they have 3weeks in Tallebudgera Creek, with the experience of incoming and outgoing tides. Then it is off to the beach, where they will partake in learning to negotiate and swim in the ocean with some degree of confidence and ability to read surf conditions and be aware of any dangers and rescue methods. Please note this program requires children to wear Hi Vis caps and rash singlets for safety and insurance coverage and is included in the price.

swimFIT | Term 1 & 4 of QLD State school terms for Children & Adults

This fun and active program aims to build confidence in the cities amazing open water swimming enclosures. Sessions are available for children aged 5 to 12 and for adults.

swimFIT runs for 8weeks in term one. It is a endurance, technique swim program, designed to teach the children and adults how to consistantly swim with adequate freestyle and backstroke, also utilising kickboards for leg work. The program enhances correct stroke techniques with time for a little fun introducing swim games to keep participants interested and active. This program is held at a swim enclosure only, and does not progress to the ocean. Due to this program being held in an enclosed area, only swim caps and goggles are required.

KIDS Wed 16 Oct  – 6 Dec
ADULTS Fri 5 Feb – 27 Mar 2020



Learn how to keep yourself and your family safe in the water. This water-education program teaches families a range of water safety skills and how to prevent a dangerous situation in open water.

2019 – 14 Sep, 19 Oct, 9 Nov, 7 Dec, 14 Dec
2020 – 14 Jan, 14 Feb, 14 March

1PM – 3PM