It feels like a relief to have finally found a swim teacher for my 3 children who is so passionate and dedicated. It’s a pleasure to observe someone excelling in their chosen profession, as Skye is so perfectly suited to working with children in the water. I have seen immediate improvement in technique, strength and confidence. She has such a wonderful rapport with the swimmers, making swimming fun, while also earning their respect, which I think is just as important a lesson for children to learn. Looking forward to many more swim lessons with Skye, with my 2 year old starting lessons this term. It really is an outstanding swimming program.

Rachel Clark

My daughter is only 22mths, she’s had only 3 lessons with Skye, I’ve noticed her confidence in and around the water had skyrocketed! She’s having fun, blowing bubbles, and is standing on her on in the shallows unassisted. She became comfortable with Skye really quickly.. and we couldn’t be more happy with our choice to see her. Thanks Skye for being Amazing.

Sarah Robinson

Skye is an amazing teacher, firstly my son had squad with Skye and went in leaps and bounds with his swimming.
Now my daughter who is 7 and used to swim at pbc pool has started with Skye and I cannot highly recommend her enough. She is so passionate with her business and position as a teacher.
My 13 month old will be the next child to swim with Skye next year and I have no doubt she too will be like a fish to water after the first lesson.
It’s hard as a parent to put trust and confidence in a swim teacher but any parent thinking of allowing Skye to use her knowledge and skills to teach your child IT WILL BE THE BEST DECISION YOU MAKE.

Shaz Norton