I have been involved in Surf Life Saving  my entire life. Skye Bond came highly recommended to my family when my children started swimming lessons. They have been swimming with her for the past 7 years. 

Skye not only teaches the children how to swim, she goes above and beyond and teaches them surf safety and how to save themselves if drowning.

Zane Holmes

It feels like a relief to have finally found a swim teacher for my 3 children who is so passionate and dedicated. It’s a pleasure to observe someone excelling in their chosen profession, as Skye is so perfectly suited to working with children in the water. I have seen immediate improvement in technique, strength and confidence. She has such a wonderful rapport with the swimmers, making swimming fun, while also earning their respect, which I think is just as important a lesson for children to learn. Looking forward to many more swim lessons with Skye, with my 2 year old starting lessons this term. It really is an outstanding swimming program.

Rachel Clark

Through recommendations from many of our friends we decided to make the move from our previous swim school to Sunny Skye’s, it seemed everyone we knew was attending and watching all of their videos, we realised our children at the same age were not up to the degree of skills, both swimming and water safety of our friends [who attended].

We attended a swim intensive first in September and what my children learnt in the first 30 mins, was more than they have learnt at a well-known swim school for the past three years. By the end of the week my 4 year-old was doing bi-lateral breathing and backstroke, and had the ability to save herself if the situation arose. My then 20 month-year-old son … wouldn’t move off the pool step, or let go of us, swam happily by the end of the five days across the pool, could roll and float on his back, return to the step or wall, blowing bubbles and was retieving items off the bottom of the pool – keeping in mind they only recieved 15 minutes each of a 30 minute sibling share class.

With further weekly lessons we then attended Safety week at the creek, a little apprehensive that both my children would be swimming in open water, but still these were two kids who up until September really didn’t have much of an idea about anything. My little girl was able to swim out to the back [of the swimming enclosure], learn survival strokes and techniques and I personally gained so much knowledge from the 1 hour session. Not only did I learn CPR, but how to read rip, and safety techniques away from patrolled beaches. I could honestly write so much more, I guess my biggest mistake was not listening to my friends earlier and moving across, but I know I have never looked back.

I seriously have joined the bandwagon and cannot recommend Sunny Skye’s and the programs they offer.


I live in Zambia, although am born on the Gold Coast so come back yearly to visit family. I have had the pleasure of sending my two children to Sunny Skye’s swimming school and am so impressed with the speed in which both children dramatically improved in both their confidence and technique. Skye has a knack of knowing exactly what to expect from each child and helps them reach their full potential for their stage. 

Additionally my son has participated in two surf skills courses with Skye over the past two years and she has managed to impart to him all the skills to allow him to excel in the Nippers program when he participated in it this year, no mean feat considering the majority of the time we are in central Africa! He really enjoys his swimming and body surfing now and does so safely and with confidence. 

I can fully recommend Skye in all areas of swim and surf instruction and cannot thank her enough for always fitting in my children to her busy schedule. As a result of her instruction they are both members of their local school swim team and have a real love for the water.

Regan Cantlay

Skye’s passion has always been around teaching young children the skills to keep themselves safe in the water

Matthew Arthur

My son, 4 years old, has been a participant in Skye Bond’s swimming school since July 2020. As a mother of a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, language delay due to previous deafness and ADHA, it has been difficult finding a swimming school that supports [my sons] challenges but also considers his strengths from an individualistic viewpoint. 

… We have found Sunny Skye’s Aquatics  to be the best place for [my son] as Skye encourages [him] to progress at a pace suitable for himself and not necessarily other children with who are grouped under the special needs or autism spectrum disorder banner. 


By offering [my son] a private, fully individualised program so he can master his strengths and work on his weaknesses in a peaceful environment, he will learn to be a proficient swimmer. Most importantly, he is becoming safe and confident around all bodies of water and learning his limits. We have been to five other swimming schools [for various reasons and] finally, i feel i’ve found the instructor who respects my child as he deserves and celebrates his growth and any other child’s progress would be applauded.


I highly recommend Sunny Skye’s Aquatics for the individual support provided to my son to ensure he becomes the safest and most proficient swimmer he can.

Alana P.

My daughter who is almost 4 and my son 2 years old with Down Syndrome love going to swimming with Miss Skye. 


Firstly, the fact that it is held at her private residence means that it is much quieter and less hectic than a normal aquatics centre that has many lessons happening at the same time. We like the quiet. 


Secondly, it is easier for me with 3 kids (one still a baby) to juggle them having lessons and getting in the water one after another or together, without me having to jump in as well. The easier the better when there is multiple kids involved. 


Thirdly, my son has a disability – Down Syndrome – and i needed someone who has the experience and the ability to work with him to learn to swim at his pace. Skye even knows sign language that facilitates communication. [There is] plenty of equipment to keep my son happy the entire lesson.


Overall, her priority is always getting her customers – our kids and every other kid – to learn water safety and ensure the risks of drowning are reduced. Her passion for what she does shows and she ensures that the kids get the most out of their lessons. 


We look forward to swimming every Friday and would always recommned 

Annika Morgan

From personal experience I can state that the various services and programs provided by Skye and her enthusiatic staff of qualified teachers are specifically tailored for each individual to ensure they are equiped with the skills to be safe as possible in a variety of aquatic environments.


Over the last four years Skye’s commitment and perseverance has helped our son, who has special needs, to increase his flexibility and mobility and to learn water safety techniques. Skye’s ability to appropriately adapt activities has significantly contributed to his aqua survival skills. The provision of a designated parking space close to the pool is greatly appreciated. 


Skye’s dedication to accomodate the specific and specialised needs of our family is to be highly commended and this was further demonstrated when she learnt many Auslan signs to communicate with out non-verbal son. In addition to putting in time to research programs and techniques Skye also designed specialised devices and innovatively adapted swimming appliances and equipment to assist with his further development. 


Our two year old daughter has commenced swimming lessons recently at Sunny Skye’s Aquatics and Wellness Hub. She is already learning the appropriate skills and we are confident that she will be ‘water safe’ at the earliest possible age. 

I fully support Skye and her dedicated team in providing an essential service to improve the safety and wellbeing of the local community. 

Jody Travers

Big legends can create little legends.


The kids skills and confidence have improved out of sight!!!

Julie Cadden

My daughter is only 22mths, she’s had only 3 lessons with Skye, I’ve noticed her confidence in and around the water had skyrocketed! She’s having fun, blowing bubbles, and is standing on her on in the shallows unassisted. She became comfortable with Skye really quickly.. and we couldn’t be more happy with our choice to see her. Thanks Skye for being Amazing.

Sarah Robinson

Skye is an amazing teacher, firstly my son had squad with Skye and went in leaps and bounds with his swimming.

Now my daughter who is 7 and used to swim at pbc pool has started with Skye and I cannot highly recommend her enough.

She is so passionate with her business and position as a teacher.

My 13 month old will be the next child to swim with Skye next year and I have no doubt she too will be like a fish to water after the first lesson.

It’s hard as a parent to put trust and confidence in a swim teacher but any parent thinking of allowing Skye to use her knowledge and skills to teach your child IT WILL BE THE BEST DECISION YOU MAKE.

Shaz Norton

I have twin 4 year old boys. If it wasn’t for [Sunny Skye’s] we simply would not have been able to get our boys to this level of swimming. Because there is two of them it is a requirement (at most other swim schools) that two parent/carers are to be in the pool with the boys – this is not possible for us. Our boys are now competent in the pool and have gained the essential water safety skills that are so important, especially given our location [of the Gold Coast]. We’re so grateful that Sunny Skye’s is available for families like ours.

Shannon Turner

Skye provides an amazing learning environment for my son who has been having one on one lessons with Skye for 12 months now. Prior to attending Sunny Skye’s, [my son] participated in other swimming services in the area. None of which delivered a unique personalised program for him which Skye has.


[My son] is 3 years of age; he is autistic and non-verbal making it quite challenging to teach him new skills. Skye is such a dedicated and passionate swim instructor. She is always incorporating new methods and ways of engaging with [my son] to get the most out of him. Skye always has his favourite toys and pool activities on hand making his lesson so fun that he happily maintains focus throughout the whole 30 minutes. Skye communicates with [my son] through sign language, something that no other swim coach has done in the past. They have formed such a great connection. [My son] completely trusts her in the water and has come a long way in these last 12 months thanks to her.


Sunny Skye’s swim pool is set within the beautiful ground in Tallebudgera Valley making it a calm environment with no distractions so he can focus solely on swimming. Other swim facilities are often so busy with multiple classes occurring in the same pool at once which can be extremely overwhelming for a child with sensory issues such as [my son].

As a mother of a child with special needs, [Sunny Skye’s] in invaluable to the area. I applaud Skye and her team for providing a safe and inclusive space for [my son], and children like him, to learn such an important life skill.


You and your team are amazing Skye ! All your hard work and love for keeping little ones safe in and around the water is paying off.

Teigan Ison